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We are skilled in working with a number of materials, each of which we employ for different purposes. If you’re in the Maidenhead or Gerrards Cross area and thinking of investing in a patio or driveway, read on and learn a little about the materials an Adams landscaper may use in the project. Our team also erect fencing, so if this is a service you’re seeking, give us a call.

High Quality Materials for All Types of Job


Block Paving – One of our favourite materials to work with, we have built many a block paving patio and driveway around the Maidenhead area. Available in all sorts of shapes and colours, you can really get creative when designing a block paving patio or driveway. Block paving is easy to maintain and repair if damaged, as a single block can be uprooted and replaced at little cost.


Concrete – Tough and durable, pattern imprinted concrete is tough but also quite bland on a visual level. We’re most likely to employ concrete when carrying out work for domestic or industrial clients around Maidenhead. A landscaper is more likely to work with block paving when building a patio or driveway for a homeowner.


Brick – A great material for a patio, specially treated and coloured bricks can create very distinctive, patterned outdoor areas. Brick driveways are less popular than they once were, with block paving as effective a choice as it is. We can also provide a landscaper for bricklaying and repointing in and around the Maidenhead area.


Tarmac – Tarmac is a solid choice for a driveway, but less so for a patio. It’s very cheap, relatively durable and great in cold-climates. However, when exposed to long periods of hot weather or heavy rain it can soften or erode and require maintenance work.


Remember, Adams Landscaping and Groundworks are also fencing experts based near Maidenhead. So if it’s not a driveway or patio you’re after, and you require sturdy fencing professionally erected on your property, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Dial 07769 827 208 to speak with a professional landscaper based near the Maidenhead area.

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